It's not a secret that the sports community, and especially LeBron James and most NBA players, have a clear political stance. They've been calling out President Donald Trump since even before he was elected for Office and, obviously, that's only gotten more notorious in the wake of the upcoming election.

James, Stephen Curry, and other personalities like Steve Kerr or Gregg Popovich have constantly called out Trump, going as far as to calling him a bum and rejecting their White House invitations after winning the NBA Finals.

Needless to say, Trump hasn't hesitated to fire back every single time he's had the chance to do it, claiming that the NBA has become a political organization and that's why people are sick of them and their ratings are down.

That's why it wasn't a surprise to see almost every big name in the NBA tuning in to watch the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. Obviously, they didn't like what they saw.

LeBron James And NBA Stars Call Out Donald Trump After Presidential Debate

NBA players have been actively trying to get people to register to vote, especially from African American and minority communities. They've also demanded that team owners commit money to their social justice causes and that all NBA arenas are available as voting centers.

The Milwaukee Bucks even decided to boycott one of their playoff games vs. the Orlando Magic a little over a month ago, with the rest of the players falling in line and even teams from MLB, WNBA, and MLS taking the same stance.

We're living quite some polarizing times right now and everybody's obviously entitled to their own opinion. Then again, knowing Trump, we can be sure that he'll fire some shots at the NBA again pretty soon after this.