If you're into college hoops, then chances are that you either love or hate the Duke Blue Devils and/or the Kentucky Wildcats; two of the biggest, most successful, and most popular programs in the nation.

Duke and the University of Kentucky have dominated their conferences throughout history, winning 5 and 8 NCAA Tournaments, respectively; and sending multiple players to the NBA on a yearly basis.

However, they couldn't replicate their usual success this season and, for the first time in 44 years, neither of those colleges will have a shot at the 'Natty' after missing the cut for the March Madness.

March Madness: Kentucky And Duke Miss The NCAA Tourney For The First Time Since 1976

John Calipari's Wildcats finished 8th in the Southeastern Conference with a 9-16 record, including 5-6 at home. Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils, on the other hand, finished 10th in the Atlantic Conference with a 13-11 record and 3-6 on the road.

This Was The World The Last Time Both Teams Missed The Tournament

It's pretty safe to say that the world has changed a lot over the past 44 years. To put it in context, we took some data from thepeoplehistory.com to let you know how the world was the last time Wildcats and Blue Devils didn't make the NCAA Tourney:

+ Concorde operated by Britain and France enters service cuts transatlantic flying time to 3 1/2 hours
+ Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
+ First laser printer introduced by IBM - the IBM 3800
+ NASA unveils first space shuttle, the Enterprise
+ An American Panel warns that CFC's Chloro-fluorocarbons used in Aerosol Cans damage the Ozone layer
+ The Olympics, broadcast from Montreal, Canada, draw an estimated one billion viewers worldwide.
+ Matsushita introduces the VHS home video cassette recorder to compete with Sony's Beta max system.
+ Landing Vehicles from the US Spacecraft Viking I and Viking II set down safely on Mars.
+ United States Presidential Election 1976 Jimmy Carter (Democratic) Defeats Gerald Ford (Republican).
+ Colin Farrell, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Capriati, and Melissa Joan Hart were born.
+ The most popular musicians were Bay City Rollers, Barry Manilow, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, The Four Seasons, Paul McCartney and Wings, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Queen, and ABBA.