Maxi Kleber is one of the big names of the Dallas Mavericks, he has a lot of experience playing in Dallas since his debut with the team in the 2017-18 season. This season Maxi Kleber played less due to injury, but so far everything is perfect for him and the Mavericks.

This is Kleber's third season playing in the playoffs, his first season in the playoffs was in the 2019-20 season with 6 games played, 33% FG Points, 19.2% 3-pointers and 75% free throws, but the following season it was better for him during the NBA Bubble.

The Dallas Mavericks had a good 2021-22 regular season going 52-30 overall and now in the playoffs against the Utah Jazz (5th best Western Conference) the team is showing that they are ready to win in five games and advance to the next round.

Maxi Kleber 2022: regular season and playoffs stats

Maxi Kleber was key during the 59 regular season games he played with the Mavericks, a total of 21 started games for an average of 24.6 minutes played per game. Kleber's stats were good during the 2022 regular season with 39.8% FG points, 1.4 threes per game for 32.5% and 58.6% 2-pointers. From the free throw line Kleber had an effectiveness of 70.8%, in addition to 1.2 assists per game and 7.0 points per game.

Kleber's stats in the 2022 NBA playoffs are also good, after 2 games in the postseason, Kleber has an average of 55.6% FG Points, 62.5% 3-pointers with 5.0 per game, 83.3% free throws and 1.5 assists per game . Additionally, Kleber is scoring 17.5 points per game and 4.5 defensive rebounds.

Is Maxi Kleber an American player?

No, Kleber was born in Germany in 1992, he is 30 years old, Kleber is originally from Wurzburg a traditional city in Germany. Kleber has played with his national team multiple times but in 2020 he was not at the Olympic Games due to injury.