Most NBA insiders said that we were going to have multiple blockbuster trades during the 2021 NBA Draft. That wasn’t the case, as Russell Westbrook was the only big name to be traded during the evening.

But let’s not feel disappointed, as it doesn’t mean that multiple trades won’t happen any time soon. The free agency class is slim and not the best we’ve seen in years, and the limited cap space makes us think that multiple players will be moved.

So, with Westbrook heading to the Los Angeles Lakers and Bradley Beal staying put in Washington, who’s the next All-Star that will have to pack his bags and leave? Let’s break it down by talking about the 4 stars that could still be traded before the start of the season.

NBA Trade Rumors: All-Stars That Could Be Traded

4. Myles Turner

While not an All-Star – yet - Myles Turner has proven to be one of the league’s most dominant defenders both in the paint and the perimeter. He’s got a sweet offensive game and can knock down shots from beyond the arc, a skill set that could come handily in today’s game.

The Indiana Pacers seem committed to Domantas Sabonis and the fact that they drafted Isaiah Jackson makes us think that Turner will be the odd man out. The Warriors were reportedly keeping tabs on his availability, so this is a story worth following closely.

3. Pascal Siakam

ESPN insider Kendrick Perkins said that this is the end of Pascal Siakam’s era in Toronto, and he might as well be true. The Toronto Raptors are clearly focusing on the future as you can tell by the Scottie Barnes pick, and they would be wise to get something out of Siakam while they can.

While he failed to prove that he could be a franchise player after Kawhi Leonard’s departure, Siakam has the two-way skillset that could be a perfect complement for a contending team. The Warriors were also engaged in trade talks, and multiple teams showed interest in him.

2. Ben Simmons

Multiple reports cited that it’s not a matter of IF the Philadelphia 76ers will trade Ben Simmons but WHEN they will trade him. Apparently, both sides haven’t been in touch since the end of the season and Daryl Morey wants to move on from him right now.

The only problem with him is that no one seems willing to meet the Sixers’ steep price of draft assets and star players for him. But if this situation goes further into the offseason, he’ll definitely meet in the middle with someone.

1. Damian Lillard

And last but not least, let’s not forget about Damian Lillard. Lillard denied the reports of him requesting a trade but he did say that he hadn’t made a decision on his future. That’s not exactly what you’d want to hear if you’re the Portland Trail Blazers.

While getting Lillard would imply a massive return, the few teams that could pull it off wouldn’t hesitate to do it. We’re talking about one of the best leaders, players, and scorers in the league; so it won’t take long before a team goes all-in for him if he’s deemed available.