The Los Angeles Lakers got off to another dreadful start to the season. And, even though they've faced some great teams like the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, they still look far from a finished product.

Rob Pelinka has done a terrible job at putting together this roster, yet he was rewarded with a contract extension. But as poorly built as the squad is, it somehow feels like their stars are underperforming again.

That's why Charles Barkley challenged LeBron James to hold Anthony Davis accountable. Per Chuck, LeBron shouldn't have to carry that big of a burden at this point in his career, and it should be Davis the one stepping up.

NBA News: Charles Barkley Challenges LeBron James To Go After Anthony Davis

"I gotta challenge LeBron. He's got to come after AD," Barkley said. "He gotta be like 'hey man, I am too old to carry this team. You should be the man'. When the transition from Kareem to Magic. LeBron at this stage, he's the greatest of this generation and the best ever. But at his age, we shouldn't ask a 38-year-old guy to be the best player on your team."

"In no sport, a guy that age. Especially when you have Anthony Davis. 5 or 6 years ago, I thought Anthony Davis would be the best basketball player in the world," Barkley continued. "I said this on one of our shows way back when he was still in New Orleans. He's not even mentioned anymore."

"If we talk about 5 guys in MVP, we don't even talk about Anthony Davis like that anymore," Chuck sentenced. "At some point LeBron, it doesn't matter what you do privately. When you're the leader, you have to challenge players on your team. I would love to see LeBron be like 'hey man, I am past my prime. I am still going to play good basketball.' That's part of being the man, you have to have that responsibility."

Barkley is right on point here. Davis has been a strange sight on the court since arriving in Los Angeles. He's been mostly dominant when healthy, but it just doesn't feel like he has what it takes to lead.

LeBron can't win on his own; no one can. And even the biggest LeBron James hater has to acknowledge that he's exceeded all expectations for a 38-year-old playing at the highest level. So, when will you step up, AD?