The Los Angeles Lakers had a choice to make. They could either ask LeBron James to take a pay cut and risk losing him or lock him up for the future, even if that meant taking a big chunk of their salary cap.

Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss made it clear that keeping LeBron was their top priority. That's a no-brainer from a PR standpoint. However, when it comes to building a winning roster, they may have messed up.

That's why Skip Bayless took to Twitter to call LeBron out again. He claimed that he's lost all leverage to get Russell Westbrook traded and that the Lakers won't be able to build a contending roster now.

Skip Bayless Rips LeBron James Over Contract Extension, Compares Him To Tom Brady

“So much for LeBron holding the Lakers’ feet to the fire, demanding they get rid of Russ or he’ll take his talents elsewhere. I’ll say it again: HE HAS NO MORE LEVERAGE BECAUSE HE WANTS TO RETIRE A HOLLYWOOD LAKER. He knows it; they know it. #StriveForLAness," Bayless tweeted.

"LeBron will make $200 million more than Brady... in 2 fewer seasons! That's bc Brady took a winner's discount to make his team better. So did Tim Duncan his last 4 yrs: 10 mil, 10 mil, 10 mil, 6 mil. Billionaire Bron: almost 50 mil in Yr 20 & 21! Lakers: no shot. Congrats, King," he added on a follow-up tweet.

Bayless is LeBron's biggest hater, so his words should always be taken with a grain of salt. However, he may be onto something here. The truth is that the Lakers needed James to take a pay cut.

Don't get me wrong, LeBron has earned every single penny he's made in the NBA, and it's not like he owes the Lakers anything. But that formula sure helped Tom Brady win seven Super Bowl rings. Just saying.