The Los Angeles Lakers have a tough offseason ahead of them. They need to put more pieces around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but they don't have the cap space, nor the draft picks to do so.

James is coming off an MVP-caliber campaign, at least when he was healthy. But he's not getting any younger, and banking on him to lead the way in the future may not be the safest bet for the front office.

To add insult to injury, it seems like The King isn't willing to make a commitment unless he sees some improvement. That's why he's not going to sign an extension until he knows the Lakers have something going on for them.

NBA Rumors: LeBron James Won't Sign An Extension Until The Lakers Improve Their Roster

"The Lakers were paralyzed at the trade deadline without clarity from James, and they remain so," Pinus said. "The star forward is eligible for an extension on August 4, but most of the team's moves will need to happen in June and July."

"The Lakers are stuck without a commitment from James, whose contract expires after the 2022-23 season. Competing executives and agents do not expect the team to get clarity from James ahead of the draft and free agency," added Pinus.

They Need To Get Rid Of Russell Westbrook

But making moves will be easier said that done. Russell Westbrook will take nearly $47 million in cap space, all but hampering their ability to make any move. Also, it's not like trading him is feasible as no one will absorb that massive contract:

"The Lakers will only have a $6.4 million taxpayer mid-level exception and minimum contracts to spend to add talent if they retain Westbrook. That may not be enough to bring back Malik Monk with several other teams armed with at least the $10.3 million non-taxpayer mid-level exception (NTMLE)," Pinus concluded.

Ironically, it was LeBron the one who urged the Lakers to pull the trigger and trade for Westbrook instead of Buddy Hield. Now, that very same move could put an end to his tenure in Southern California.