Draymond Green has once again played a pivotal role in another championship winning season for the Warriors. The veteran big man is still one of the best in the league, but the question is for how long does Golden State think he can play like one.

Green is in the final year of his contract and his future with the team remains uncertain. Though he has a player option to stay until 2024, it's believed that he is seeking a max contract.

Needless to say, Stephen Curry's influence could help Green get what he wants, but the front office is reportedly not so sure of spending so much. Next year, Green will be 33. If the Warriors don't grant his wish, he could go after it elsewhere.

Warriors News: The 3 teams that could persuade Draymond Green next year

According to a Western Conference executive who talked with Sean Deveney of Heavy.com, Green would consider leaving Golden State next summer if the Pistons, Mavericks, or Lakers knock his door:

(Via Heavy.com)

“He does not want to, but if you ask around, I think there is a sense that he would. There is a limit on how much they’re going to spend to keep this thing together and because they have young guys are just about every position, they’re approaching it like there’s no one outside of Steph that they have to keep.

"Look, it would suck for them if Draymond left, it would suck to call up Steph and have to tell him, but Draymond has made it clear he is about player power. If he gets a big offer from Detroit as one example or maybe Dallas or the Lakers, somewhere he would like to play? He is not going to be shy about leaving. He understands this business.”

Joining forces with Luka Doncic or LeBron James would certainly be interesting for Green, but it's not like he needs it. His partnership with Steph and Klay Thompson has been fantastic, so there should be reasons to believe that he'll stay. Still, nothing is for sure yet.