Ben Simmons reportedly wants no part of the Philadelphia 76ers. The former first-overall pick allegedly reached out to the team demanding to be traded before the start of the NBA season, threatening to skip out training camp.

Instead of helping, that has only made a move more unlikely right now. His trade value hit rock bottom and Daryl Morey is eager to get a fair return for his services, even if that means waiting until the start of the season.

But, among the few teams that could be desperate enough to move several assets for a wantaway player, the Cleveland Cavaliers stand out. Apparently, they’re eager to land the Australian playmaker.

Cavs Are Still Trying To Trade For Ben Simmons

“Cleveland has control over all of its first-round picks, so in theory it could offer Philadelphia a package of picks similar to what Brooklyn gave up for James Harden (though whether Simmons warrants such a haul is another question),” said Sam Quinn of CBS Sports. “In Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, Cleveland has two young players with All-Star potential. One -- likely Sexton given Cleveland's apparent disinterest in giving him a long-term extension and Garland sharing an agency with Simmons in Klutch Sports -- could go to Philadelphia without depriving the Cavaliers of a more traditional guard. Philadelphia has lacked that exact sort of player, and it has shown in its half-court offensive struggles late in playoff games.”

NBA Rumors: Cavs Will Have To Give Up Collin Sexton In Trade For Ben Simmons

Should the Cavs trade for Simmons, Collin Sexton would have to be included on any potential package. They have enough assets to pull off a deal, and having Simmons, Sexton, and Garland could be counterproductive for them, so that transaction sounds pretty likely:

“At any rate, if the Cavs and Sixers were to make a trade, you can almost be certain it would involve Sexton. He may not go to Philadelphia, but he would probably go somewhere. Most believe any Simmons trade — Cavs or not — is likely to involve three or more teams,” reported Amico.

There’s a strong chance that Simmons doesn’t want to play for a young, rebuilding team like the Cavs either. Sadly for him, in that case, he’d had no choice but to fulfill his contractual obligations.

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