The Golden State Warriors are in a tough spot right now. They were tight in the salary cap and needed to prioritize extending Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins over Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

Now, given Green's punch on Poole, they could be in an even more uncomfortable situation. They cannot reward Green with an extension right now, and he may have given them the perfect excuse to cut ties with him altogether.

With that in mind, and taking a look at the rest of the NBA and every team's needs, Lee Tran of Fadeaway World claims that the Atlanta Hawks could trade for Green with a package centered around John Collins.

NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Could Trade For Draymond Green

(via Fadeaway World)

"Atlanta Hawks Receive: Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors Receive: John Collins, Jalen Johnson, 2024 First-Round Pick (ATL)


Draymond Green could potentially make the Atlanta Hawks an elite defensive team, and give them four top-tier defenders in their starting lineup. The former DPOY is still an extremely impactful player on that end of the floor, and he was definitely the best defender in the league prior to his back getting injured last season. Draymond Green and Clint Capela would also make up an elite defensive frontcourt. Offensively, Draymond Green's playmaking would help Trae Young get more easy buckets from the perimeter and unlock the superstar's off-ball game.


If there is a chance that Draymond Green leaves at the end of the season, then trying to get a good value return is an optimal move for the Golden State Warriors. This package from the Atlanta Hawks gives them a player that can contribute immediately, as well as some draft compensation and a player for the future.

John Collins is a very good young power forward, who still has some room to grow. He is an efficient 3PT shooter as a big man, averaging 37.6% from beyond the arc over the course of his career. Collins is also a great roll man offensively and can provide supplementary rim protection as a power forward on the defensive end."

The Dubs would love to have Green on their roster until the very end of his career, but that may not be possible anymore. In this scenario, they'd get an elite return with a future first-rounder and a serviceable, versatile forward.

As for the Hawks, they'd get a hardnosed veteran that could help them take another leap in the postseason, and it's not like they haven't tried to part ways with Collins in the past. This is the ultimate win-win scenario.