The Golden State Warriors have done enough merits to silence their critics already. They've been the best team in the NBA this season and Stephen Curry is playing once again like an MVP.

But perhaps the scarier part about Steve Kerr's team is the fact that Klay Thompson hasn't even played yet. He's been out for the past two years and is nearing a return, and that only means trouble for the rest of the league.

So, now that he was cleared to practice and could come back at some point in the first trimester of the season, the three-time NBA champion opened up on his thoughts for the season and how he plans to approach his comeback.

Warriors News: Klay Thompson Isn't Afraid Of Another Injury

The Splash Brother claimed that he's not afraid of getting hurt again, even though he suffered a massive setback and another major injury just when he was about to come back to play last season:

"I don't fear getting hurt again," Thompson told NBC Sports. "Because the last two times I did get hurt it was just such a freak accident. I hate to use the phrase 'can't wait' because I love to be present in my life but I cannot wait to play in front of our fans again. I really, really enjoy being a Warrior."


Thompson Says It's Championship Or Bust For The Dubs

Thompson has high hopes and aspirations for the Warriors this season. Following their impressive start of the year and the way they've played, he thinks that it's championship or bust for them:

“We are now the type of team where it’s championship or bust,” Thompson added. And that’s a really cool position to be in. Not a lot of players get to experience that. We’re 15-2. That’s a great indicator. And our defense, which is top-three in the league, as well as our offense. And I’m not back yet. Think about that. Really think about that. I’m really more motivated than ever. I want a championship so bad. More than anything.”

It's still too early to say and anything can happen in the NBA. But the Warriors will have their championship core back at full strength, so we'd never want to put our money against them, that's for sure.