Russell Westbrook left a lot to be desired in his first season in Los Angeles. Brodie failed to impress from the very beginning, which is why it didn't take long for him to be linked with a potential trade out of the Lakers.

Though he eventually stayed for the entire 2021-22 NBA season and even picked up his player option to come back, Westbrook's future as a Laker remains uncertain. Darvin Ham and Jeanie Buss have spoken highly of Westbrook, but he's still subject of trade rumors.

Many feel they have seen enough to know that the Lakers would be better without him, a possibility that seems more likely after Patrick Beverley's arrival. Warriors star Draymond Green weighed in about this, suggesting that it's the Lakers fault that things haven't worked so far.

Draymond Green says Russell Westbrook isn't a good fit alongside LeBron James, Anthony Davis

“Who wouldn’t ask for Russell Westbrook?” Green said in an appearance on the CHECCN'N IN podcast, via Peter Dewey of Lakers Daily. You’d be out of your mind not to ask for Russell Westbrook.

However, Green also claimed that Westbrook doesn't fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. “It’s a terrible fit,” Green added. "I 100 percent think the fit is terrible. I don’t think you could talk to Russell Westbrook right now and Russell Westbrook wouldn’t think the fit is terrible. Nonetheless, just because the fit is terrible don’t mean you don’t go for it. Because guess what, if you go for it and it works, then you got a championship.

Green has a fair point. The expectations around Westbrook were high when the Lakers traded for him, even if many wondered how he would fit alongside LeBron. Ham may figure out how to make Westbrook work, unless the Lakers ultimately move him.