This season the Sunday Night Football offers a number of interesting games for all tastes. SNF is the most anticipated game of the week, it is not the last game, but the most watched by the fans. Sunday Night Football is almost always decisive for some stage of the season.

The schedule is filled with several big meetings for the season. SNF is the perfect excuse of office workers for being late to work on Monday. As in previous years, some games of the Sunday Night Football schedule are played outside of Sunday, a clear example is the Thanksgiving Day game that is played on Thursday, November 25 but is part of the SNF Schedule.

All games will be available on Television, the Internet and the NBC Apps. In addition, the NFL offers the internet tv service through the NFL Pass with special offers for the SNF. In some cities, radio broadcasts for local home teams will be available during the SNF.

2021 Sunday Night Football Schedule: Date, Time and TV Channel table.

Official Sunday Night Football Schedule

Week / Date



TV Channel

Week 1 September 12 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 2 September 19 Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 3 September 26 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 4 October 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 5 October 10 Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 6 October 17 Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 7 October 24 Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 8 October 31 Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 9 November 7 Tennesee Titans at Los Angeles Rams 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 10 November 14 Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 11 November 25 Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 12 November 28 Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 13 Dec. 5 San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 14 December 12 Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 15 December 19 New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 16 December 26 Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys 8:20 PM (ET) NBC
Week 17 January 2 Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 8:20 PM (ET) NBC