The quarterback market always shakes things up where there is movement in the offseason. Someone that will be highly coveted is Derek Carr, with Las Vegas having confirmed he won’t continue there. Although Carr may find a new team soon for a clause in his contract that could force the Raiders to hurry up.

There was a very underwhelming season for Las Vegas the last one. The blockbuster trade they made with the Green Bay Packers for star wide receiver Davante Adams didn’t have the results expected in the win column. Adams was great as he was with Aaron Rodgers, but the team never took off.

Carr was at the center of attention because of the role he has. In the end, the QB didn’t play as well as expected and he will leave the franchise. Though there is still a ton of uncertainty regarding where he will play.

When could the Las Vegas Raiders trade Derek Carr?

The quarterback has all the cards in the negotiation because he just signed a contract extension a year ago. He is linked to Las Vegas through 2025, but he was benched in their last two games since they decided they will move on from him. Based on the agreement they reached the franchise shouldn’t be in a rush to get rid of him, although they are.

There is a clause in his contract that sets a deadline for a potential trade or release. It’s noteworthy since $40.4 million will become guaranteed on February 15. A way for the Raiders to have more time would be convincing Carr to postpone that date, but he isn’t willing to do so. “I don’t think that would be the best for me”, said the QB to Stephen Holder of ESPN recently.

Las Vegas can be obligated to sell low because not many teams in the NFL will be willing to pay him his current contract. That’s why the Raiders cutting Carr is not impossible. New Orleans Saints raised lately as one of the potential destinations for the signal-caller in either of those scenarios.