The Philadelphia Eagles enter Super Bowl 57 as favorites, but the big favorites are the Kansas City Chiefs with a lethal offensive line unlike any other this season.

The last time the Eagles won a Super Bowl was in 2017, but during that season Jalen Hurts was still playing college football. Things have changed a lot for the Eagles with Jalen.

The Chiefs with Mahomes are strong and can get out of almost any bad situation during a game thanks to his magic passes to find a wide receiver.

How can the Eagles shut down Patrick Mahomes?

The secret to stopping Mahomes and the Chiefs' offensive line is to focus on 1-on-1 man coverages where the Chiefs' receivers are covered most of the time so Mahomes has nowhere to throw the ball.

Here are the steps the Philadelphia Eagles must take to stop Mahomes in the upcoming Super Bowl 57:

1. Use edge rushers to pressure backup tackles and that takes time away from Mahomes to throw passes.

2. Cover the receivers without mercy, the more covered they are, the better since Mahomes will have to think longer to pick a receiver.

3. Use a couple of extra edge rushers when necessary on a third or fourth down to further pressure Mahomes.

The longer Mahomes has the ball in his hands the better for the Eagles, since that way Mahomes will choose to run with the ball rather than pass.