The 2023 NFL Draft is scheduled to be held in Kansas City from April 27 to April 29. In what should be a first round with a lot of quarterbacks taken, this opportunity is seen by thousands of fans as the biggest hope to transform their franchises. Just look what a difference a pick can make such as Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen or Jalen Hurts.

Among the names who might be taken early is definitely Anthony Richardson. In his final year at the college level, the 21-year old became the starter for Florida and showed his explosiveness not only throwing (2549 yards/17 touchdowns) but also running (654 yards/9 touchdowns). 

However, at least for many weeks, Anthony Richardson wasn't seen by the experts as a contender to be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Then, in an incredible turn of events, the oddsmakers are starting to think differently.

NFL Draft 2023: Anthony Richardson odds for first overall pick

The 2023 NFL Draft will have a lot of big names at the quarterback position such as Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Anthony Richardson (Florida) and Will Levis (Kentucky). 

In almost every mock draft, Bryce Young is the player destined to be the first overall pick. Of course, it will all depend if the Chicago Bears want him instead of Justin Fields or if they would trade the spot with another team. Nevertheless, if Chicago don't go quarterback, it's almost certain that Young would go to the Houston Texans with the No.2 overall pick. 

So, when everyone was certain of Bryce Young as the first quarterback taken in the NFL Draft, something really weird started to happen with Anthony Richardson. On February 16th, the odds for Richardson to be the first overall pick were +10000. Now, they're all the way down to +700.

Currently, Anthony Richardson is behind other quarterbacks such as Bryce Young (-120), CJ Stroud (+275) or Will Levis (+550). However, the change in the odds has intrigued thousands of fans. If there's a major surprise in the start of the NFL Draft, the former quarterback of Florida might deliver it.