Brandon Beane is not very happy with the Cincinnati Bengals nowadays after his team was eliminated by the AFC North squad in the Divisional round. The Buffalo Bills general manager has slammed their most recent rivals for 'sucking bad enough' for so many years.

The Bills were seen, before they got eliminated, as the favorites to win the Super Bowl LVII. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep up the pace to make that happen and their hopes ended thanks to the Bengals.

As they are working towards the 2023 season, Brandon Beane can't forget what Cincinnati did to them. The Bills general manager has now slammed the Bengals with a very rude statement that the fans will definitely not take very well.

Bills GM wants to avoid 'sucking so bad as the Bengals' to get better

It is never easy to accept a defeat, even more if it gets your team eliminated from the season. Brandon Beane, Bills' general manager, is aware of it and he had some words for the Bengals after their win in the Divisional round.

Beane analyzed the Bills 2022 season in order to improve for the next campaign. He involved the Bengals in his talk as he doesn't want to be 'as bad as them' to get the best picks in the upcoming NFL Drafts.

"They right now are on the advantage of a rookie quarterback contract," Beane said of the Bengals, via the Bills' official team website."And they had some lean years and without getting too much into their build, I don't want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja'Marr Chase. I would love to have him, but you got to go through some lean years to do that. They were able to get Burrow at one, and I don't remember where Chase was drafted, but it was pretty high."

As Beane said, the Bengals had to go through tough years to get a better team. In the NFL, such as in every other American sports league, those teams who didn't have a great season get a better position in the drafts in order to select the best prospects and improve for the next campaigns.

The Bengals drafted Joe Burrow with the No.1 overall pick in 2020. A year later, they were able to select Ja'Marr Chase, the quarterback's former teammate at LSU, with the No.5 pick after their previous season ended with a 4-11-1 record.

Of course a top pick doesn't mean the team will definitely succeed (such as the Browns have seen recently). But in this case, the Bengals proved how to turn bad seasons into something positive and become one of the best squads of the entire league.