Tom Brady's retirement changed the whole scenario for the Las Vegas Raiders. The AFC West team had the legendary quarterback as their main objective during this free agency, but this move didn't happen. Was he ever close to sign with them? A star from the squad has addressed the matter with a massive confession.

The Raiders are looking for a new quarterback. Derek Carr was cut by them after eight years together and HC Josh McDaniels wanted a veteran quarterback to replace the 31-year-old.

His relationship with Tom Brady made the rumors about the quarterback's arrival very strong. Unfortunately, he decided to retire and their hopes of getting the legend ended.

Was Tom Brady ever close to sign with the Raiders? Darren Waller has a huge revelation about it

The Raiders will have a new quarterback after eight years. Derek Carr won't be part of the team for the 2023 season and they tried to add a veteran player as Tom Brady, but was he ever close to sign with them?

Yes, and a lot.

Darren Waller, the team's starting tight end, has now revealed that everyone in the roster thought Tom Brady would join them for the 2023 season and were really excited for it.

“I’ve heard it from multiple sources that I respect and I’ve been close to,” Waller told Forbes last week about Tom's arrival. “They’re like, ‘Yeah, Brady to the Raiders was a lock.'”

After Brady decided to retire, it seems like the Raiders are keen on getting a veteran quarterback. Rumors say Jimmy Garoppolo or Aaron Rodgers are their primary options now that Tom is out of the market.