Tom Brady's future is the main topic nowadays in the NFL. It is uncertain if the quarterback will return for his 24th season, but now he has shared a huge update on his $375 million broadcasting contract with Fox Sports that may be the biggest hint for this matter.

It is not very clear what Tom Brady will do in 2023, but the rumors are spreading already. Multiple teams want to sign him, including Raiders, Dolphins and even the Commanders, but he also has the chance to become a football analyst and end his career.

With his 40-day retirement in 2022, Fox Sports made an offer to Brady in order to sign him as football analyst. Now, the quarterback has weighed in on this opportunity and revealed a massive update on it.

Tom Brady 'really looking forward' to join Fox to become football analyst

The whole world is waiting for Tom Brady to take a decision on his future. Will he retire after 23 successful seasons or will he continue in the NFL for at least one more year?

But now, the legendary quarterback has given a massive update on his broadcasting future that may put some extra pressure on the teams that are looking forward to sign him in 2023.

“There’s so much to learn, there’s so much to teach, you know, it’s ever evolving,” Brady told guest Stephen A. Smith on Monday on the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast about his future in broadcasting. “Believe me, as much as you think I’m willing to teach people, I’m really looking to learn. I’m really looking to learn from all the people that I get to talk to. I get an opportunity to be in a job in the future where I get to travel around and learn from all the other people that I’ve looked up to and admired and different organizations and different people. So it’s exciting for me too. I feel like the opportunity to do that is something that I’m really looking forward to whenever that time comes.”

According to multiple reports, Fox Sports offered a 10-year deal worth $375 million to Tom Brady in order to become their most important football analyst, but the quarterback is still considering if he will join the TV channel this year or will make them wait another season to play his 24th NFL campaign.