The 49ers had to use three different starting quarterbacks last season because of different injuries. That gave Brock Purdy the opportunity to end up as the signal-caller, although it also meant the veteran wasn’t going to extend his expiring contract. It’s almost certain that Jimmy Garoppolo won’t return to San Francisco.

There are plenty of names that could swap teams in the offseason. Las Vegas Raiders trading or releasing Derek Carr seems like the first piece to fall, but there will be others. The chance of Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers is the other story to follow.

Garoppolo appears as the third main option of the market. His run in the 49ers after being traded from the New England Patriots included a Super Bowl trip, though his time there expired. He will now be one of the experienced players available in free agency.

What are the teams that could land Jimmy Garoppolo?

The quarterback has been a polarizing figure in his tenure in San Francisco. They have been one of the most dominant teams in the NFC, but ultimately ended up falling short. Although there is no doubt that contending teams could go after him.

His career shows he can be in a playoff team to lead him far in the postseason. Though there are others in reconstruction that could also land him as a bridge option such as the Detroit Lions did with Jared Goff. The options for him may not be that enticing since he is coming from a foot injury suffered in December against the Dolphins.

Now two teams emerged as candidates to sign him. Those are the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. Houston makes total sense because they just hired former 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans as the head coach. They are expected to take a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft, so Garoppolo can give him time to develop. Atlanta may be going in the same path in the position.