After losing the chance to reach the NFC Championship Game thanks to a tough loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, there’s been a lot of speculation about Aaron Rodgers future with the Green Bay Packers. 

Rodgers, 38, said that he didn’t want to “be a part of a rebuild” if he’s “going to keep playing.” His words lead to the assumption that either he retires or he leaves the Packers this offseason. Also, there’s the issue of the salary cap, as the team has around $45 million over for the next season.

All of this means that the Packers have to make a lot of decisions regarding contracts, something that Rodgers knows. While coach Matt Le Fleur already said that he would love Rodgers to stay, he just hinted at a possible move that could tell a lot about what his decision would be. 

Rodgers say he would go to Indianapolis to say his decision 

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers talked about his future and revealed where he’s planning to tell the world about his decision: Indianapolis. Of course, he was referring to making an in-person appearance on the McAfee Show but people on social media started to speculate about a possible hiding meaning. 

“When I come to a decision I will come to Indy & we'll do it in person," Rodgers, wearing a suspicious blue jacket, promised. While it could be only coincidence, as he also explained that he was grateful to McAfee for giving a platform to talk about issues that are “important” to him, it isn’t so far-fetched to imagine the Colts wanting to sign Rodgers. 

With the Colts wanting to trade Carson Wentz, the possibility of bringing Rodgers exists. The Colts have another year with Wentz before they can unload him with no cap casualty, but they could move on now for a $15 million cap hit. The Colts are also one of the best teams, and they could potentially fight for the SuperBowl if Rodgers joins in.