The reigning NFL MVP isn’t satisfied yet. Despite his individual accolades, Lamar Jackson is well aware of the fact that he has to win the whole thing with the Baltimore Ravens to be considered one of the greats.

He’s an elite scrambler — perhaps the best to ever do it. Still, he believes there could be another layer to his game we haven’t seen thus far, and he’s striving to show that in 2024.

According to reports, he’s dropped plenty of weight and is now listed at just 205 pounds, making him the lightest quarterback in quite a while, and obviously making him way faster, if that was even possible.

Lamar Jackson Talks About Losing Weight

“I feel great,” Jackson said. “It’s been so long [since feeling this agile]. We had COVID that happened to us; it slowed us down a little. But I feel great now. I feel great.”

Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens

John Harbaugh Isn’t Worried About Him

Even so, Lamar comes with a long history of injuries. So perhaps getting slimmer might not be in his best interest, especially considering he stayed healthy last season. Even so, HC John Harbaugh isn’t worried about that.

“I mean, it’s fine. I think that’s Lamar. He’s a pro. He knows what he’s doing. He knows where he wants to be with that,” Harbaugh said. “My concern is that he’s in shape, best shape of his life, and he’s working toward that. He’s ready football-wise, all the details that go with that – mentally, physically, spiritually ready to go. That’s kind of what I think about. I know he talks to the strength and conditioning people. He’s got his own people. He talks to [director of sports nutrition] Sarah [Snyder] all the time. He’s a pro. He knows what he’s doing.”

Hopefully, Jackson will be able to keep avoiding injury and will stay on the field for the entire season. If that’s the case, and he’s faster indeed, then the league could be in a lot of trouble.

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Will the Ravens make the Super Bowl this season?