In some of the most surprising news of the year, Tom Brady suddenly announced he wouldn't come back for another NFL season. That came on the heels of a trip to the NFC Divisional Round and one of the best seasons of his career.

Brady was worn out after more than two decades of top-level competition. Physically, there's no doubt that he could've given us a couple of more years of MVP-level performances. Mentally, maybe not so much.

But even though it hasn't been long since he announced his decision to walk away from the game, he hasn't shut the door entirely on the possibility of a comeback. That happened again during his latest appearance on the Let's Go! Podcast with Jim Gray.

Tom Brady On A Potential Comeback: 'I'll Take It Day By Day'

(Transcript via ProFootballTalk)

“Tom, there’s gonna be a lot of interest in what you do next,” Gray said, via quotes distributed by SiriusXM. “You stay close to the fans by doing this program. This is our last show. We won’t be talking to you on a weekly basis until next August.

People can follow you on your social media handles, but how are you gonna go about your life? And if somebody sees you out working out because you’re staying in shape that’s going to lead to all kinds of rumors. So what will you be doing next with yourself? And will you stay in shape or are you gonna start running over to eat a few key lime pies?

“You know I love those key lime pies, too,” Brady said. “That’s my dessert of choice. So there’ll definitely be a few more of those and I’m super content and happy with how I feel in my decision.

All you can do is take it day by day, nothing’s promised for us. I’m gonna do things I really enjoy and spend time with people that I really enjoy spending time with. So the future is bright. I look forward to the opportunities that are ahead and I look forward to speaking with everyone again next year. So I’ve had a great time doing the show. We’ll keep it going and thank you to everyone for their amazing support, thanks for another great NFL football season. And I hope it just keeps getting better and better from here.”


It doesn't seem like Brady is considering a comeback but he did say that he'll know how he feels about that around training camp. So, even if we don't hear from him too often in the next couple of months, in his own words: Never say never.