Once Qatar 2022 ended, soccer fans of course started talking about the referee's performance. Szymon Marciniak, who was in charge of the Argentina vs. France Final, has now admitted committing a huge mistake that could have changed the game's outcome.

A referee's performance is always one of tha main topics tha fans talk abut during a game. As humans, they can have some mistakes, but these have been reduced with VAR's help.

Unfortunately, VAR can't control everything. Now, after the Argentina vs. France Final, Szymon Marciniak analyzed his job and admitted committing a mistake that could have changed everything and maybe even the World Cup champion.

Szymon Marciniak admits huge mistake during the Qatar 2022 Final between Argentina and France

Szymon Marciniak was in charge of the Qatar 2022 Final between Argentina and France. The Polish referee met both teams before during the Round of 16 and Group stage, so he knew what he was facing in the big game.

The match was very tough for him, with decisions that favoured each party, but others that harmed them. Now, Marciniak has revealed he committed a huge mistake that could have given France a big opportunity to score.

"Of course, there were mistakes in this final,” Marciniak told Sport (Poland). “I interrupted the French counter-attack after a bad tackle by Marcos Acuna. I was afraid that the fouled player wanted to unwind, and I read it wrong because nothing happened, and you could give an advantage and then come back with a card.

“It’s hard. In a game like this, I take such a mistake in the dark. The important thing is that there were no big mistakes."

Despite this situation, Marciniak revealed that the French players did not do anything towards him or any of the other referees. "I had some few words with Hugo Lloris," he added. "I high-fived Olivier Giroud, who received a yellow card, and didn't complain, saying it was a tough match. I told Mbappe, who was very sad, that he's a great player and that he'll win more than just one World Cup."