Argentina is ready to win their third World Cup title. To do so they will need the best version of Lionel Messi and his teammates. Argentina will be in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.

The draw favors the Argentines, who are in a massive unbeaten run, to win the group and at least aspire for a quarter final appearance. For Lionel Messi it could be his final World Cup as he searches for the world title that will place him as the best of all time.

Lionel Scaloni’s coaching team are set to travel to Qatar on Sunday as they prepare everything for the national team. Here is the list of items the players must have to get their World Cup underway properly.

Argentina’s food bucket list

The list of items includes Dulce de Leche a sort of Argentine chocolate cream that is mostly used for breakfast and snack meals. Mate must also be in stock, mate is a tea like leaf that helps with stress levels and is drunk socially by Argentines, Uruguayans, and Paraguayans.

Then of course there is meat, Argentines love meat, and it is custom on World Cup squads to have Argentine Asados or BBQs. The Argentines will be importing their meat to Qatar according to Ole in Argentina.