The critical phase in which it will be known who are the lucky fans who can "qualify" to the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is about to begin. After 3 ticket sales phases held, the last chance to get tickets is about to begin. 

According to official sources, 2.4 million tickets have already been sold for Qatar 2022. Originally, 3 million tickets for the 64 matches of the tournament had been considered for open sale to the public. So, if mathematics does not lie, there are only 500,000 spaces left. 

Clearly, with demand far outstripping supply, the upcoming FIFA World Cup is the most anticipated event of 2022. And if you have the resources and want to attend, you should be prepared to compete hard for the tickets that are still available. Here are all the details of the Qatar 2022 Last Minute Sales phase.

What is the Last-Minute Ticket Sales phase of Qatar 2022?

It is a phase of purchasing tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup that takes place through the official FIFA sales platform. And the procedure by which tickets can be obtained is the rough First-Come First-Served. That is to say, as the purchase requests are made, the tickets that are available will be dispatched. 

It should be noted that in this sales phase, only tickets that have never been allocated will be available. Other tickets that are offered for resale will also be available, but the date on which it will be possible to  purchase them has not yet been announced. 

When does the Qatar 2022 Last-Minute Ticket Sales phase begin and end?

FIFA has announced through its official website that this last opportunity to purchase tickets for the upcoming Qatar 2022 will begin on Tuesday, September 27 at noon Doha, Qatar, i.e. 4:00 AM (CT) in the United States

The interesting thing about this sales phase for Qatar 2022 is that it will remain open until the close of the World Cup, i.e. until December 18.  So, if there are any tickets available, there will be a chance to grab them, even after the tournament has already started. Although, obviously, it would only be of those 500,000 tickets that were not sold in the previous phases.

What is the ticket purchasing process for the Qatar 2022 Last Minute Ticket Sales phase?

Fortunately, the way to get your hands on the last available tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup is exactly the same as in past sales windows. Only through FIFA's official ticket purchase portal, so don't fall for frauds. 

If you have not tried to buy tickets for Qatar 2022, in this story we tell you the process in detail, but basically you have to create a user in FIFA, log in and choose from the tickets that are available. Payment must be made instantly, just like any other sale, via credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard).