The euphoria generated by the FIFA World Cup is experienced not only when witnessing all or most of the matches that comprise it. There are other rituals that demonstrate the passion for it. And in the run-up to Qatar 2022, there is one that is currently at its peak: the Panini Sticker Album.

This tradition, which was born in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, has already taken over millions of soccer fans and this tournament in particular. With the recent release of the Album and the packets, there is no time to lose as there are still 670 stickers to get, if possible, before Qatar 2022 starts or ends.

So, it should be noted, that while there is a lot of passion and love for soccer behind completing the Panini Sticker Album for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, there is also a budget to consider. Read on to find out how much money it would cost you to complete the Album. 

The formula that predicts how much it will cost to fill the Qatar 2022 World Cup Panini Sticker Album

While sport is often a refuge from other much less pleasant and more thorny topics, the economic issue can almost never be completely isolated. Thus, the world is entering a period of recession that includes a period of very high inflation, which means an increase in the prices of all products.

The Panini Sticker Album for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022 is no stranger to inflation phenomenom and compared to the price of both the Album and the sticker packs, prices have increased by more than 10%. 

This is where the mathematical formula that predicts how many stickers you need to buy in order to complete the FIFA World Cup Panini Sticker Album becomes relevant. This is taking into account that for each packet you purchase, you will inevitably get repeated stickers. 

The author of this formula is a mathematician working at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, who in 2018 published that you need to buy approximately 4,832 stickers to have a chance of getting all 670 stickers that made up the Russia 2018 Album.

For Qatar 2022, the total number of stickers needed to fill the Panini Sticker Album did not change. So the British mathematician's formula is still valid in terms of the number of stickers to buy. What did change was the price of each sticker packet, which was raised by more than ten percent, as mentioned above. 

So, taking into account that each packet has 5 stickers, it would take 967 packets to get the 4,832 stickers that the formula predicts are needed to fill the Panini Sticker Album. The minimum cost per packet in the United States is $1.24. This would bring the final cost to complete the Qatar 2022 Album to $1199. 

Given this scenario, the option of looking for communities and groups to exchange repeated stickers appears as an interesting way to avoid investing so much money to fill the Qatar 2022 World Cup Panini Sticker Album. 

A Brazilian boy shows his World Cup Album. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A Brazilian boy shows his World Cup Album. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)