For every soccer fan, to assist to a FIFA World Cup is a dream come true. Now, Qatar 2022 will host this competition and all the fans are excited to know a new culture. For this edition, tourists might need to change things in their outfits as there are a few different rules in the country regarding the dress code.

The FIFA World Cup is a mix of lots of cultures. People from all around the world, not only from the contestants, visit the host country every four years to live an exciting month full of soccer, but it is not the only reason why they travel miles away from their home.

Most of the tourists in every FIFA World Cup are not just travelling for soccer. Some of them are spending thousands of dollars in order to know other cultures and, of course, probably a new country. But Qatar has some controversial rules in some aspects that could be very different for the newcomers.

Which is Qatar's dress code for the FIFA World Cup tourists?

Qatar's culture could be slightly different for the occidental visitors. Due to the host country's religion, there will be some rules that the tourists must follow in order to avoid problems with the law.

For this reason, there's a dress code that tourists must follow in public areas. The law applies for people from any nation and there will be some warnings before a penalty fee for the ones that don't comply with them.

For women, their shoulders must be covered at all time and shirts must not have any cleavage. As for the bottom, leggins or ripped pants are also banned. They could use bikinis, bot only in hotel pools and beaches that are not for families.

Whereas the men, their shirts must not show any offensive language or drawings. Regarding the bottom parts, shorts must be below the knees and tank-tops are also banned.

It is certain that tourists are not obliged to wear Qatar's traditional costumes, but the dress code must be conservative. Qataris are trying to preserve their culture and prevent their children to see something that they are not used to.