Following several months of wait, the 2021 Ballon d'Or is already part of the past. The speculation ended on Monday, November 29, when Lionel Messi received his seventh award to continue extending his legacy.

In the previous weeks, a number of leaks went viral on social media while reports had already anticipated the PSG star would get the upper hand over Robert Lewandowski, something that didn't please many people. 

However, besides bringing home another trophy, Messi was part of the jury that voted for the 2021 Kopa Trophy winner, which eventually was former Barcelona teammate Pedri. Recently, a report revealed the Argentine's votes.

Lionel Messi's votes for 2021 Kopa Trophy

As one of the 32 Ballon d'Or winners, Messi is part of the jury that votes for the Kopa Trophy which is given to the best U-21 player of the year. Argentine outlet Infobae has reported that the 34-year-old has selected Pedri in first place with three points.

Meanwhile, he chose Paris Saint-Germain teammate Nuno Mendes in second place with two votes, while his podium was completed by English sensation Jude Bellingham of Borussia Dortmund, who collected one point.

Pedri looked like a no-brainer choice for this award after establishing himself immediately in the Barcelona starting lineup before he earned an important spot in the Spain national team. Messi witnessed his fast rise closely, so it shouldn't be a surprise if he voted him first.

Before this report came out, Pedri had shown respect for Leo when he received the Kopa Trophy, thanking the former Barca captain for helping him during their time together at Camp Nou. With Messi's blessing, the future looks even brighter for the 19-year-old.