The last month was full of emotions for the most prestigious tournament in the world of soccer. In the end, it was Argentina the team that came out on top in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. As the champions they had to give a new look to their jersey, which you can buy at Fanatics.

It was a journey that started in a bad way, with an upset loss against Saudi Arabia. Although it was an ascending path from then on. They defeated Mexico and Poland to win their group, then they took out Australia, the Netherlands, Croatia, and France in an epic final.

Early on Tuesday the full roster arrived in Argentina to celebrate with the fans. The victory parade that involved millions of people was their next step. But since the game ended, everyone is trying to buy one of the new jerseys with the third star in it.

How to buy Argentina’s new jersey in the US?

There is always a lot of people trying to get a Lionel Messi jersey in every part of the world. It happened when he joined PSG in 2021 after his exit from Barcelona. But this time he even topped that with the World Cup title.

You can buy Argentina’s new jersey on If you pay with Cash App you will have a 5% discount while the promo is still on. There you will find different sizes of the renewed model. The new one has a few changes in it that includes three stars over the logo, corresponding to the three titles they have in the World Cup. Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986 were their two other championships, and now they add Qatar 2022 to it.

The other modification is the addition of a golden badge in the chest that can only be used by the champions. It's replica will cost 125 dollars with the number 10 and the Messi inscription on the back, or 90 without those, and the youth version will be at $70. They will be selling fast many places, so you may want to hurry. They have sold out in many places, so you may want to hurry.