The qualification process for the next 2024 Eurocup will begin and the European nations are preparing for what will be a tough competition, which not everyone will be able to attend. Here we will tell you what will be the qualification games that will take place during this month of March.

The Eurocopa is the most important national team competition organized by UEFA. It is a tournament of enormous importance, comparable only to tournaments like the Copa America, Conmebol or even the World Cup. It is played every 4 years since 1960.

The top winners are Germany and Spain, who have won this trophy on 3 different occasions, followed by Italy and France, both with 2 editions. The last champions were the Italians (who surprisingly later would not go to Qatar 2022).

Qualification for Euro 2024: March 2023 Games


Thursday 23 March 2023
Group C: Italy vs England, North Macedonia vs Malta
Group H: Kazakhstan vs Slovenia, Denmark vs Finland, San Marino vs Northern Ireland
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iceland, Portugal vs Liechtenstein, Slovakia vs Luxembourg

Friday 24 March 2023
Group B: France vs Netherlands, Gibraltar vs Greece
Group E: Czechia vs Poland, Moldova vs Faroe Islands
Group F: Austria vs Azerbaijan, Sweden vs Belgium
Group G: Bulgaria vs Montenegro, Serbia vs Lithuania

Saturday 25 March 2023
Group A: Scotland vs Cyprus, Spain vs Norway
Group D: Armenia vs Türkiye, Croatia vs Wales
Group I: Belarus vs Switzerland, Andorra vs Romania, Israel vs Kosovo


Sunday 26 March 2023
Group C: England vs Ukraine, Malta vs Italy
Group H: Kazakhstan vs Denmark, Slovenia vs San Marino, Northern Ireland vs Finland
Group J: Liechtenstein vs Iceland, Luxembourg vs Portugal, Slovakia vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monday 27 March 2023
Group B: Netherlands vs Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland vs France
Group E: Moldova vs Czechia, Poland vs Albania
Group F: Austria vs Estonia, Sweden vs Azerbaijan
Group G: Hungary vs Bulgaria, Montenegro vs Serbia

Tuesday 28 March 2023
Group A: Georgia vs Norway, Scotland vs Spain
Group D: Türkiye vs Croatia, Wales vs Latvia
Group I: Kosovo vs Andorra, Romania vs Belarus, Switzerland vs Israel