It's not unusual to see celebrities attending major sports events, and with Major League Soccer becoming more popular as the years go by, it's getting even more common. Atlanta United, for instance, welcomed Kanye West several weeks ago.

And now, it seems like fans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium sighted another business entertainment star in the stands. This time, however, it was a whole different line of business, sort of speak.

Atlanta United beat Orlando City SC 3-0 at home for Week 24 of the MLS season, with adult film star Abella Danger rooting for them. Needless to say, her presence was never going to go unnoticed.

Atlanta United's Jurgen Damm Claims He Doesn't Know Who Abella Danger Is

That's why Mexican star Jurgen Damm took to TikTok to address the fans who constantly tagged him in videos of Danger in the stands, claiming that he doesn't know who she is or why they tagged him:

"Hi, everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I just got out of training and saw that a bunch of you have tagged me in this video about a girl (Abella Danger) who attended our game on Saturday and, to be honest, I don't know who she is. That other time, I obviously knew who Kanye West was but this time, I've been tagged a bunch of times and I really don't know who she is," said the midfielder.

To be fair, not everybody's a fan of... Adult entertainment, and it's also worth noting that Damm hasn't been in the States for that long. So, let's say he's telling the truth and we'll give him a pass this time.

Also, perhaps the team's front office will like to give her season tickets, as having her on the stands clearly gave Atlanta United some much-needed good luck.