If opening their 2021-22 UEFA Champions League campaign with a 0-3 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich was painful enough for Barcelona, let alone to be beaten in the same way by Benfica only two weeks later.

Ronald Koeman's boys received an early wake-up call in the new season but they seem unable to bounce back and silence the critics. When it seemed like they were starting to get all the pieces together after winning in La Liga last weekend, Barca were once again stunned in the continental tournament.

The Portuguese giants strengthened themselves at home and seized on the opponents' weaknesses to claim a huge win in their European journey. Barca left a lot to be desired - again - and fans went wild on the Internet.

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It was quite clear that Barcelona would struggle to impress this season when Bayern humilliated at Camp Nou. But only a few could have guessed that history would repeat itself only a couple of weeks later on Benfica's ground.

Darwin Nuñez's early goal provided a glimpse of how bad the evening could turn out for Barca. Far from improving, the Cules conceded another goal of Rafa in the second half and Nuñez sealed the embarrassing 3-0 scoreboard from the penalty spot. 

It was another nightmare for Barcelona. The atmosphere at the club is only getting worse and Ronald Koeman seems to be in an even hotter seat following this frustrating result. Barcelona have no points, zero goals, and six goals conceded after two Champions League games. Will they get back on track on time?