Trinidad and Tobago’s national soccer team is a force in the Caribbean and one of the most respected Concacaf teams. They earned such recognition after an impressive path of improvement which saw them succeed and even reaching a historic World Cup place.

They are frequently aiming for the top goals as they became an elite side in the region, holding the most Caribbean Cups, and having impressive results in Concacaf Championship and the Gold Cup.

BOL shows up to encourage Trinidad and Tobago to pursue further achievements, with a fresh identity, different from all of the other teams. They will design the soccer national team's brand-new uniforms, which will have an original design, distinct from any other jersey that was conceived before.

An exciting union between BOL and Trinidad and Tobago to chase the top with a fresh identity

This partnership means a new beginning for a renewed "Soca Warriors", alongside a brand like BOL that will look to extend Trinidad and Tobago national soccer team’s image to new places. Their new jersey will be launched later this year and once it is released, it will be available in, BOL’s online store that enables everybody to buy it no matter in which part of the world they are. Also, the new Trinidad and Tobago national team fans' gear was released. Get to know more about BOL in their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

This team, which made history by qualifying to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, still has many opportunities ahead, and BOL comes forward to fulfill them, developing the Trinidadian national soccer team’s a renewed look.

Trinidad and Tobago’s upcoming challenges

The Soca Warriors will be facing important matches this year. Their first tasks were for the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, as they defeated Guyana 3-0 on March 25 and drew 1-1 with Puerto Rico three days later. In June, Trinidad and Tobago will also clash with the Bahamas and Saint Cristopher and Nevis.

Moreover, the next month the eight-time Caribbean Cup champions are going to play for a spot in the Concacaf Gold Cup versus Montserrat. Every challenge that the Trinidad and Tobago national soccer team has upfront will be battled with the support and encouragement from BOL.