BOL and the Montserrat National Team come together to pursue further challenges. The Emerald Boys have already made important steps, but this is the opportunity to make an even bigger one.

Thirty years after they played their first senior match, Montserrat find themselves in an important stage of their wonderful journey of progress and development. From that initial game up to now, many things have happened, including the creation of the Montserrat Football Association and their integration to Concacaf and FIFA.

Montserrat went through fantastic development lately, and the future is bright for them. Like an Emerald that needs to go through a process before becoming a jewel, the Montserrat National Team are Emeralds Uncut with the potential to become brilliant, before becoming a jewel. And BOL comes forth to make that possible

The brand-new design from BOL for the Montserrat National Team

BOL designed the new uniforms for the Montserrat Football Association (BOL).

The new game jerseys that BOL designed for the Montserrat National Team represent accurately the potential that this team, like Emerald Uncuts, has. Get to know more about BOL in their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Montserrat's primary jersey by BOL, with an Emerald and the green color (BOL).

In the primary uniform, BOL came up with an impressive design where they combined the emblematic green color with the Emerald, which symbolizes the National Team’s nickname but their status of being an uncut emerald that can be mined, cut, and polished before turning into a jewel too. For the other uniforms there was also such creativity. 

The brand-new jerseys designed by BOL (BOL).

The away jersey has a unique design too, as the red color is merged with a black stripe at the right side and with an artistic drawing. The goalkeepers weren’t left aside and they’ll enjoy wearing these beautiful, well-thought uniforms. BOL provided three different uniform options for the keepers, which enable them to distinguish from the other players. The orange, the grey and the yellow have an original design as well with a graffiti in each jersey.

The Emerald in Montserrat's jersey by BOL (BOL).

BOL launches the Montserrat National Team’s new game jersey providing the opportunity for each fan to dress with their nation’s colors and to keep on working with an uncut gem with a bright future ahead. 

In a contract with a lot of incentives for the growth of the Montserrat Football Association, there’s one important promise made by BOL, which is giving each of the 4,900 habitants of the island a free jersey when Montserrat qualifies for the FIFA World Cup, Men’s or Women’s. By selling their uniforms in their website,, BOL will also become the first sports brand to give the possibility of buying their jerseys anywhere in the world. 

Montserrat National Team’s next competitions 

Montserrat will soon be playing for big goals. They will take part in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, facing Antigua and Barbuda on March 24, later El Salvador on March 28, and they have two more scheduled games against United States Virgin Islands and Granada in June. Moreover, Montserrat will also face Trinidad and Tobago in the preliminary stages of the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup in July.

The Emerald Boys have important challenges ahead. And to face them, they will do it with the brand-new designs that BOL have created for them.