The 2021 UEFA Champions League final kickoff is just hours away and the soccer community is eager for it. An all-English duel between Manchester City and Chelsea hogs the spotlight this weekend, and a Citizens' win wouldn't only see them lifting the trophy for the first time but doing so without losing a single match. 

Throughout the tournament's history, several teams had the honor of getting their hands into the highly desired continental prize. However, only a handful of them was able to remain unbeaten all along the journey towards the championship.

Pep Guardiola's side has the chance of joining that group of teams in the upcoming UCL final against the Blues. Here, check out which teams already accomplished that and how many times.

All the UEFA Champions League undefeated winners

Every continental champion has left a mark in the sport's history and will always be remembered for conquering Europe's most coveted prize. If being crowned over so many other sides in the continent already is difficult enough, let alone doing so without losing a single game all along the way.

However, ten clubs can feel proud of achieving that. The only teams who won the Champions League unbeaten so far were Inter Milan, Ajax, Nottingham Forest, AC Milan, Liverpool, Red Star Belgrade, Olympique de Marseille, Manchester UnitedBarcelona, and Bayern Munich. Moreover, some of them did it more than once:

  • Inter Milan: 1964 (7 victories and 2 draws)
  • Ajax: 1972 (7 wins and 2 draws) and 1995 (7 wins and 4 draws)
  • Nottingham Forest: 1979 (6 wins and 3 draws)
  • Liverpool: 1981 (6 wins and 3 draws) and 1984 (7 wins and 2 draws)
  • AC Milan: 1989 (5 wins and 4 draws) and 1994 (4 wins and 4 draws)
  • Red Star Belgrade: 1991 (5 wins and 4 draws)
  • Olympique de Marseille: 1993 (6 wins and 4 draws)
  • Manchester United: 1999 (6 wins and 7 draws) and 2008 (9 wins and 4 draws)
  • Barcelona: 2006 (9 wins and 4 draws)
  • Bayern Munich: 2020 (11 victories)

In 2020, Bayern Munich became the first team in the history of the UEFA Champions League to win every single game on their road towards the title. Manchester City will face Chelsea hoping to taste continental glory for the first time, and should they accomplish their goal they would become the eleventh team to win the tournament undefeated.