Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez is the best all-time scorer for Mexico’s National team with 52 goals. In that historic list, the striker is above extraordinary names such as Jared Borgetti, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Luis Hernandez, Carlos Hermosillo. The 34-year old has the tremendous distinction of playing for two of the greatest clubs in the world: Real Madrid and Manchester United.

However, Chicharito suffered a major disappointment after missing the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Though he had a solid season with LA Galaxy in the MLS, coach Gerardo Martino left him out of the tournament because of disciplinary reasons. 

Now, Javier Hernandez just sparked another controversy. Though he is permanently out of Mexico’s National team, the striker criticized thousands of fans for their lack of support. Read here to check out the details of his full exposure.

Chicharito Hernandez slams Mexican fans

In recent months, Chicharito Hernandez has become a celebrity on Twitch and that’s where he made very controversial comments regarding the behavior of Mexican fans at Estadio Azteca during the Concacaf Nations League game against Jamaica.

Mexico suffered a lot to rescue a 2-2 tie and almost were eliminated from the long awaited Final Four which will be played in June at Las Vegas. During the match, thousands of fans booed historic players such as Guillermo Ochoa and Raul Jimenez. After seeing that, Chicharito had enough of it.

“The results aren’t coming and you complain. Don’t you think this is a bit extreme? Where’s the support then? Because when the goals are scored, and everything is going well, there’s no support. When the National team score, you celebrate, but you don’t support. So, when your team is tying against Jamaica and you boo them, you’re not supporting.”

For Javier Hernandez, there’s no way Mexico can get to the quarterfinals in the 2026 World Cup at home if this trend continues. “As a fan, you pay your ticket and you can complain, you can boo. Of course, you can do it. Everyone’s free to do whatever they want. But then, there’s no support for the National Team. I’m not saying the game against Jamaica is to celebrate, but I also think it’s not for booing. To boo in just the second game of Diego Cocca, that’s where I think all of us have to be better.”

Chicharito said that Mexican fans should learn from the example of Argentina in Qatar 2022. “Fans have to understand the word ‘support’. We’re all here for the Mexican National Team to have good results. It doesn’t matter who plays. Look at Argentina, World Champions, and a lot of people didn’t want Scaloni. And a lot of people said many players shouldn’t be there. World Champions. To be World Champions, it depends on all of us. To be worth of that title someday.”