Lionel Messi was supposed to leave Barcelona on his own terms. He said that he wasn't going to go back to the club several months ago and just when he had decided to stay a little longer, La Liga's regulations prevented him from doing so.

So, after countless hours of never-ending drama, an emotional press conference, farewell posts on social media, and a lot of speculation, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: Messi has a new team.

The Argentine superstar just arrived in Paris to become the greatest signing in Paris Saint-Germain's history, which is a huge milestone for the up-and-coming Ligue 1 and a massive blow for Spanish soccer.

Paris Fans Go Nuts Over Messi

Unsurprisingly, Messi's arrival in the City of Love has had a huge impact. Some fans have been at the airport for the past couple of days, others gathering around the Eiffel Tower, and even more outside of Parc des Princes.

The internet and social media have also gone completely wild over Messi's signing with Paris Saint-Germain, as most people still can't fathom the fact that he will no longer play for Barcelona.

From countless emotional points bidding him farewell to other fans completely ecstatic because he will now play for their team, Messi has stolen all the headlines over the past couple of days.

Now, Paris Saint-Germain will be the clear-cut favorite to win the UEFA Champions League, with Messi, Neymar and Kyllian Mbappé upfront and Sergio Ramos locking down Mauricio Pochettino's defense.


As for Barcelona, even though they made some interesting signings and have enough firepower to still be near the top of the La Liga table, there's just no way they can replace Messi's production. Not now, not ever. But hey, that's just the way things happen in sports.