Only 33 minutes into the Los Angeles GalaxyInter Miami game, things got heated up between Edwin Cerrillo and Lionel Messi. The Argentine star was seen chasing the midfielder for a while until the ball went out, and the 23-year-old didn’t back down.

With Messi and Cerrillo face to face, the likes of Luis Suarez and Sergio Busquets immediately intervened as other Galaxy players also went up to defend their teammate. After the game, the Texas native reflected on the incident.

“First I was surprised that he was talking to me, so I didn’t understand the first thing he said to me, nor did it register with me,” Cerrillo told TyC Sports. “He was serious and at that moment I knew I needed to stay calm, because it was early in the game. He knows what he’s doing and maybe he wanted to get into my head.

A fan captured the moment, showing how Messi wouldn’t let go as he stayed close to Cerrillo for almost a minute. The former USMNT U-23 international didn’t want to share what Messi said to him, but made it clear he wasn’t going to ignore the fight.

Like with anyone, I wasn’t going to stay silent,” Cerrillo said. “And when Suarez and [Sergio] Busquets came to defend him… well, it’s nice, but it’s part of football and at that moment was when I had to be calm. What was said will remain with me, it is something that I will always have in my mind and I will keep that.”

Messi seals late draw for Inter Miami in LA

The Galaxy came close to getting the victory at home as Dejan Joveljic put them in front after 75′, but Marco Delgado’s red card 13 minutes later proved costly. In stoppage time, Inter Miami came up with a great bit of play as Messi scored the equalizer after 92′.

While it was Los Angeles’ first game of the year, the Herons managed to avoid defeat to continue unbeaten in two matches. Last week, Inter Miami beat the Real Salt Lake 2-0 in the Opening Game of the season.

Both teams will return to action on Saturday, March 2, when they take on their respective rivals. Messi and company host Orlando City at Chase Stadium in the Florida derby, whereas the Galaxy visit the San Jose Earthquakes in the Cali Clasico.