There have been many drawn-out transfer sagas involving Barcelona this summer, the first of which included Robert Lewandowski. Both the acquisition of Raphinha and Jules Kounde were accompanied by a great deal of turmoil, and both included Chelsea. Barcelona was able to secure the services of its top-tier free agents eventually. Those who aren't Cesar Azpilicueta.

Marcos Alonso, like many others, had been linked to a transfer for quite some time. He made the move to Barcelona with Hector Bellerin on the last day of the transfer window. The fullback has left Chelsea after six years and more than 200 competitive matches, during which time he won the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Europa League.

There was a holdup in Alonso's move after an agreement was reached with Barcelona in April. Xavi Hernandez wanted to get the player on board, but he also had faith in Jordi Alba and Alejandro Balde to play left back. And because the Spaniards first turned down a Blues' bid for Aubameyang, he was locked in the middle of the ensuing swap agreement discussions for some time.

Marcos Alonso's contract with Barcelona

Since he wasn't part of the original agreement to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Marcos Alonso' moved to Barcelona as a free agent. However, the left-back was instrumental in having the Blaugrana reduce their asking price for the Gabonese striker. Though a two-year deal had been discussed, Alonso eventually didn't commit to such a long term.

The defensive player reportedly got a "1+1" contract, which means he had first signed a one-year agreement. After the first season, the contract has the option of being renewed for another year based on his performance. Therefore, if the 31-year-old does not perform to expectations at Camp Nou, it is possible that his time back in Spain may be cut short.

How much will Marcos Alonso make a week?

Alonso's wages at the Stamford Bridge were £100,000 (€127,000) per week or £5.2m (€6m) per year, although Barcelona's financial situation has certainly forced him to take a pay cut, as per Daily Mail. Spanish journalist Gerard Romero has released more precise numbers, claiming that the defender would now take home €3 million annually.

Taking this into account, Marcos Alonso would earn about €250,000 per month or €58,000 a week at Barcelona. That would make it nearly €11,500 a day, or around €1,500 per hour, or €62 per minute.