There is a silent battle between Mexico and the United States, related to soccer that it is held outside the fields, a consequence of a social phenomenon that has increased, and certainly will continue: the presence of Mexican-American talent.

Is there a country most legitimated than the other to claim the priority to recruit the young soccer talents available among the US and even in Mexico? Not. So the law of the jungle is the one that prevails. Right there is where the strategy makes the difference between collecting the best players or losing them. 

Recently, US National Squad has suffered the loss of Julian Araujo and David Ochoa, who have already chosen to represent Mexican colors. Both players have played before for the Stars and Stripes Team. What has happened there that make them change their mind? How is Mexico proceeding to seduce the young Mexican-American soccer talents?

The plan executed by Mexico to recruit soccer jewels among the US

Yon de Luisa, the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Femexfut, mentioned in an interview for Televisa that the research of talented players born in the US but with the possibility to represent his country is a priority task assigned to Gerardo Torrado, former Mexico player, and current Sporting Director of Femexfut.

"Since Torrado's arrival to the Sporting Direction, there is a group of Scouters settled in the US that helps us to recruit available Mexican-American soccer talents. Also, we are aware of every player that participates in the MLS and can represent Mexico. Many of them have already been part of the minor national squads and also the absolute American team, but we already had cases  of young talents that have decided to move from the US National Team to the Mexican."

Also, De Luisa has stated that this migration from the Stripe and Stars to El Tri may continue thanks to a powerful argument that is delivered to these jewels in the middle of the battle between the United States and Mexico: "We have there a chance to search for the best available players and convince them that they have a brighter future if they play for the Mexican National Team".