While the world of soccer is still confused after the announcement from twelve European clubs about the inception of the European Super League, the UEFA has also revealed plans for the next years. The sport's governing body in the continent is simultaneously facing serious issues with the new autonomous competition that some important teams are encouraging. 

The Champions League has always been the tournament where the best teams featured, the league where everybody dreamt of playing, and the highly-desired trophy for any European club. The creation of the Super League threatens the essence of the prestigious cup. 

However, while the UEFA pays attention to the whole situation regarding the competition that some big clubs want to create, they also continue thinking about their contests. That's why today it was announced the new Champions League format that will start to take place in the 2024/25 season. Check out how it will be played from that year onwards.

The new Champions League to begin in 2024

The famous tournament where the best teams in Europe clash every season may be in danger with the Super League plans. Anyways, the UEFA intends to hold onto their greatest tournament and have unveiled significant changes to start in 2024

The Champions League's number of participants will increase from 32 to 36. But most importantly, the traditional format that included a group stage will vanish. Instead, the UCL will have a league stage with all qualified teams. Each of these sides will play 10 games against 10 different rivals, five at home and five away. 

There won't be a UCL group stage anymore from 2024 onwards (Getty).

The top eight teams in the standings will progress to the Round of 16. Sides from the ninth to 24th position will face off in a two-legged playoff to earn a berth among the best sixteen of the competition. From then on, two-legged playoffs until the final, which will continue being a single game.

Suddenly, the beautiful game is in the midst of big changes in the most popular competitions. While the European Super League may be putting the core of the sport at risk, the beloved Champions League we knew up to now will be different in a few seasons.