Qatar 2022 has created a lot of expectations amid the soccer fans around the globe, given that it is the first edition of a FIFA World Cup that will be hosted in the Middle East but also the first one to be played at the end of the year. Besides the Qatari culture, one more aspect that is going to astonish the attendants are the magnificent stadiums where the main stories of the tournament will be performed.

So, from November 20 to December 18, the world will only focus its attention on the matches that will be held in Qatar 2022. That is why it was paramount that venues of the upcoming FIFA World Cup were at the level of the event.

Fortunately, as you will get to know in the following lines of this story, Qatar 2022 will be remembered as one of the FIFA World Cups with the most impressive stadiums. The "oldest" of the latter is from 1976 but it was renovated in 2017. 

The Stadiums of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

All of the action of the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be held in four cities: Doha, the host country's capital, Al Wakrah, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan. In contrast to the twenty-first edition of the World Cup, in Russia, the distances between these cities are minimum so the fans' mobility will not be hard at all. 

There will be 8 venues among which the 64 matches of Qatar 2022 are to be distributed. The city that has the most stadiums is Doha with four, followed by Al Rayyan with two, and then Al Khor City and Al Wakrah with only one venue. 

Regarding statistics, since Argentina 1978, which only had 6 venues, Qatar 2022 will be the FIFA World Cup edition with the fewer stadiums to hold all of the games. Only on five other occasions, there have been fewer World Cup venues: Uruguay 1930 (3), Brazil 1950 (6), Chile 1962 (4), Mexico 1970 (5), and the already mentioned Argentina 1978 (6).

Al Rayyan - Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Having been just inaugurated on December 18, 2020, this stadium has a capacity of 40,000 spectators that will delight themselves with its location on the edge of the desert. Not the main opening game, but it will host one of the games to be played on the Day 1 of Qatar 2022. A total of 7 games will be held here: 6 of the Group stage and 1 of the Round of 16.

Al Khor City - Al Bayt Stadium

Welcome to the venue of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 opening game on November 20, where 60,000 fans will emit the first shouts of joy of soccer's main event. Its name comes from the tents used by nomadic people in the Gulf region: Bayt al sha'ar. The matches hosted by this venue: 6 of the Group stage, 1 of the Round of 16, 1 of the Quarter Finals, and the very last of the Semifinals.

Al Wakrah - Al Janoub Stadium

Just in 2019, this stadium was opened with the Emir Cup final game, and it boasts a capacity of 40,000. This venue's exterior is shocking given that it is inspired by the waves and the flow of the sea that bathes the city of Al Wakrah. A total of 7 matches will occur here: 6 of the Group stage, followed by one of the Round of 16.

Doha - Al Thumama Stadium

This is one of the four stadiums that by the beginning of 2022 were not opened yet. Al Thumama Stadium offers a capacity of 40,000 with a peculiar exterior design that imitates the traditional Arabic headwear, known as Gahfiya. After Qatar 2022, this venue's capacity will be half reduced and will serve as a hotel and a sports clinic. The soccer fans are going to attend here 6 games of the Group stage, one of the Round of 16, and one more of the Quarter Finals.

Al Rayyan - Education City Stadium

Stranded in the area of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, this venue has just been completed in 2020 and has a 40,000 capacity. Like in the previous stadiums mentioned above, 6 games of the Group stage will be held here, followed by one of the Round of 16, and the second of the Quarter Finals. 

Doha - Khalifa International Stadium

The most iconic and historic stadium of Qatar 2022. It was opened in 1976, but 31 years after, it was renovated (2017). In its pitch, there have been played the Asian Games, the Gulf Cup, the Asian Cup, and the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. It has the third-largest capacity of the 8 FIFA World Cup stadiums with 45,416. It will hold six matches on the Group stage, and two of the knockout phase: one of the Round of 16, and the one for the Third place.

Doha - Lusail Stadium

The venue where every single one of the 32 National Teams to compete in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 would like to play on December 18: yes, the Final match of the tournament will be witnessed here by 80,000 spectators. This venue, with the largest capacity of the tournament, is part of a new metropolis named Lusail City and will host 6 games of the Group stage and 4 of the Knockout phase: 1 of the Round of 16, 1 of the Quarter Finals, 1 of the Semifinals and the above mentioned main match.

Doha - 974 Stadium

This venue is the flag of Qatar 2022 sustainability, given that it was constructed with shipping containers and removable seats. Its capacity of 40,000 will only be used in this FIFA World Cup as the stadium will be fully dismantled following the end of the tournament. Seven games are scheduled here: 6 of the Group stage and one more of the Round of 16.