Sergio Kun Aguero has decided to make a special appearance for his beloved club, Independiente of Argentina. However, it’s not an official return to professional soccer, as he will only participate in a friendly match between local and international stars to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the team.

“We have plenty of reasons to celebrate because there is nothing more beautiful than being a fan of Independiente,” was the special message from the seven-time Copa Libertadores’ champion on social media. The game will be historic considering Ricardo Enrique Bochini has also been confirmed as part of the event.

Aguero, who is the all-time leading scorer of Manchester City, left Independiente when he was 18-years old to fulfill his dream to play in Europe. A cardiac illness forced the player to retire in 2021, just after signing with FC Barcelona.

During the last few weeks, several rumors suggested that the forward might come out of retirement. However, the player clarified that his medical condition did not allow him to return to high-performance competition.

Sergio Kun Aguero will play a special friendly match

Sergio Kun Aguero did not hide his excitement about being part of the celebrations around Independiente’s 120th anniversary, reuniting with thousands of fans who idolize him.

The match is scheduled to be played on March 23rd and could become an annual tradition. This was Kun’s message before the big date: “That’s why we’re waiting for all of you to celebrate the first edition of the ‘Night of the King.’ With Bocha, we’re going to have a good time.”