There has been a lot of success for Martin Braithwaite on the field in the previous several years. Braithwaite played for Middlesbrough in the Championship at the start of 2019.

Prior to joining Leganes, the striker had only scored three goals in 17 appearances. When his contract expired, he moved to Barcelona, one of the most prestigious teams in the world.

Activating his €18 million release clause in February 2020, the Blaugrana signed the Denmark international as an emergency signing from Leganes. There are rumors that the 31-year-old is paid €4 million per year, although it is far from the striker's primary source of income.

The wealthiest Barcelona player since 2021-22 season

Barcelona's wealthiest player has been non else but Martin Braithwaite since the departure of Lionel Messi last summer, according to a Forbes study, as reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca. A lot of people are surprised by this, considering the fact that Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets make more money than he does at Barcelona.

So, how did Braithwaite earn so much money? In 2017, the striker and his uncle, Philip Michael, invested $850,000 in a company named NYCE Companies. Together, they hold €250 million worth of real estate in the New York, Philadelphia, Jersey City, and San Antonio sectors, and are well-known in those cities.

In the last several years, the company has grown tremendously. It was valued at $10 million at the end of last year. Over the last two years, it has risen from $250 million to more than $300 million in assets under management. B.T., a Danish real estate firm, announced in 2021 that it has 1,500 units under construction, with an additional 500 planned.

To top it all off, the Dane and his partner Anne-Laure Louis own their own clothing line called Trente and are well-known in the fashion industry in France. It's worth noting that Gave, one of his restaurants in Barcelona, is another source of income for him. The Catalan club's greatest earner at the moment is now trying to utilize his position to boost the number of billionaires in the dark-skinned community in the United States.