The CONMEBOL Qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup start again with very attractive matches. Colombia needs two victories during this International break, but they won’t have Radamel Falcao helping them for the games against Brazil and Paraguay.

Qatar 2022 recently concluded, but FIFA is already focusing on the next World Cup. In 2026, Canada, the United States, and Mexico will jointly host the largest international tournament. This marks the first time that the competition is spread across three countries.

Unable to secure a spot for Qatar 2022, Colombia is determined to make a strong push for the upcoming World Cup. The team aims to secure two victories during this international break to improve its position in the Qualifiers.

Match Preview

Colombia has had a solid but not outstanding start to the CONMEBOL Qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, remaining undefeated after four matches with one win and three draws.

With the upcoming World Cup expanding to 48 teams from the previous 32, CONMEBOL now has six and a half qualification spots, a significant increase from the traditional four and a half slots.

As of today, Colombia holds a secured spot in the next World Cup, sitting in 5th place with six points. However, the Cafetaleros aim to climb further in the standings to avoid any surprises as the Qualifiers progress.

The upcoming matches pose significant challenges for Colombia. In Matchday 5, they will face Brazil, who is eager for a win to close in on Argentina. In Matchday 6, they take on Paraguay, currently in 7th place and holding a spot in the International Playoff.

Colombia faces a setback as Radamel Falcao is omitted from the squad for the upcoming matches. His absence sparks speculation about his role in the team’s future and potential participation in the next World Cup.

Despite Radamel Falcao’s presence in the squad during the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, his experience wasn’t sufficient to guide Colombia to the World Cup as they fell short in their bid for a spot in the tournament.

Why was Radamel Falcao not called up to face Brazil and Paraguay?

Colombian sports outlet Caracol reports that Radamel Falcao’s absence from the current roster is attributed to a significant factor—lack of playing time. The striker, who has featured for Rayo Vallecano this season, has been limited to just eight minutes of play.

As of now, Rafael Santos Borre has taken the mantle as the primary striker in Nestor Lorenzo’s squad. It seems Falcao won’t secure a spot unless he sees more playing time with Rayo Vallecano.

SURVEY Will Colombia defeat Brazil and Paraguay?

Will Colombia defeat Brazil and Paraguay?