In spite of having Lionel Messi and Neymar on the roster, Kylian Mbappe is undoubtedly Paris Saint-Germain's most valuable player. The France international almost signed a free move with Real Madrid in the summer before committing to a new three-year agreement with the Ligue 1 winners.

The claims that the 23-year-old will have a significant say in the club's sports choices as part of his new agreement were one of the most eye-catching details surrounding his new contracts. In this scenario, the prolific striker would have input over personnel matters such as player signings, coaching changes, and personnel changes.

However, reports have surfaced that the Frenchman wants to leave Paris after the World Cup in Qatar which runs from November 20 to December 18. According to reports from last month, he feels deceived by the team's hierarchy for their failure to deliver on the promises given to him before signing his new contract.

Why Zlatan Ibrahimovic blasted Kylian Mbappe's decision to stay at PSG

Even though Kylian Mbappe has denied the rumors, PSG great Zlatan Ibrahimovic has taken a shot at him. Now, after Mbappe renewed his contract with PSG, the 41-year-old veteran has harshly analyzed the current situation.

Ibra is firm in his belief that the Frenchman should have signed with Real Madrid as a free agent instead of re-signing with Paris and playing at Parc des Princes. The seasoned Swede said that it gave the impression of contentment rather than drive.

“Mbappe, as a person I do not know him very well. As a player, he is fantastic. But when you lose discipline you lose your identity. There is a reason why Zidane is Zidane. Mbappe wants to imitate him? That he starts to want to progress. Not to be satisfied. He made the right choice for Paris not for himself.

"Because he put himself in a situation where he is more important than the club. And the club gave him the keys to that. But you are never bigger than a club. But when a child becomes strong, he can easily earn money. So his parents become lawyers, agents, coaches. From one thing they become another. And that's the problem.

"That's when you lose your self-discipline and who you are. Today with this new generation, the parents, dad, mom who you want, they think they have become stars. They talk in the newspapers. But who do you think you are? Shut up. It is up to your son, the player, to work and have discipline", Ibrahimovic said in an interview with Canal+.