Kirby Smart knows college football season is tough, but so far he's proven to have the secret to win as many College Football Playoff National Championships as he wants.

Smart's key to having a good offensive line is Stetson Bennett, he knew Bennett was the perfect replacement during the 2021 NCAA season and during the 2022 CFP.

The big test for Smart and the Bulldogs will be in the upcoming 2023 NCAA Regular Season where he won't have Bennett and another couple of players who will surely be drafted by some NFL teams.

How much does Kirby Smart get paid for winning a CFP National Championship title?

During the 2022 season Kirby Smart got $300,000 just for winning the SEC Championship, plus he gets another $500,000 just for getting to the CFP National Championship Game, it is not necessary to win to collect that money, but after winning against the Horned Frogs, Kirby gets another $1,000,000 bonus for a total of $1,500,000 for playing and winning the natty.

Smart has a base salary of $600,000 per year, but he is paid another $9.65m called 'compesation' for radio, television and endorsement rights. His salary is close to $11.25m per year.

The college football head coach with the biggest salary is Nick Saban with a total of $11.7m per year, while Smart is in third place behind Swinney with $11.5m.