The serve is the greatest tennis shot. A player can battle to build up their career at the elite level without at least a good serve and a more skillful player might punish them. It is not only the buzz for the remainder of the position but is also the only shot a player has absolute control over.

The serve is one of the most important shots of tennis. Some players' services are so strong that they almost always launch the entire point and give them an immense advantage in the sport.

Official serving speed rankings are not held by ATP, WTA, and ITF for a couple of reasons, as there are no captures of serving speed in each tournament and often equipment is not reliable from event to event. However, SportsMEDIA Technik (SMT), which has tracked serving speeds with the best technologies for more than 30 years, offer the most detailed results.

What is the fastest serve in tennis?

This story has two sides. If you ask, ATP, then John Isner has the fastest serve in tennis. At the 2016 Davis Cup, in a singles match against Australia's Bernard Tomic, Isner shot a 157.2 mph missile. The American tennis player went on to win in the end.

However, there is a record that has not been officially recognized by ATP. In 2018, at the Busan Open Challenger Tennis, Australian tennis player Sam Groth hit a 163.4 mph serve which ended up being an ace. He broke the record in the second round of the tournament during a defeat by the Belarusian Uladzimir Ignatik.

There are several records that WTA doesn't accept as well. For example, Spanish female tennis player Georgina Garcia Perez holds the unofficial record of hitting 136.7 mph at the 2018 Hungarian Ladies Open. Instead, the official record goes to Sabine Lisicki of Germany, who managed to show off a 131.0 mph serve at the Stanford Classic in 2014.