The Golden State Warriors were used to being the most dominating team in the NBA over the past five years or so. Ever since Steve Kerr took over as their coach, they had known nothing but trips to the NBA Finals.

This season, however, they couldn't be further from that dynasty they once were. They've struggled to string wins together and aren't currently even a top-8 team in the Western Conference right now.

The Dubs currently hold a 24-27 record and sit at the 10th spot in the West. They can still make the playoffs via the play-in tournament, but that's not good enough, and coach Kerr is well aware of that.

Steve Kerr Says The Puzzle Hasn't Come Together For The Warriors This Season

This is definitely the first time that the puzzle hasn’t come together. The first five years, obviously, everything went really smoothly. We had an amazing roster that fit perfectly, we had shooters, we had passers, we had defenders, we had two-way guys, and so we knew how blessed we were," Kerr told the media, according to Alex Didion of NBC Sports. 

"This year, the puzzle has been much trickier to put together, and we’ve tried a lot of different things. We’ve tried different lineup combinations, different rotations, and tried to move the pieces around, and frankly, it has been very difficult to find anything that has been firm and successful," the coach concluded.

Kerr Says The Warriors Can Still Put It Together

“So, frustrating, but we have to keep going going, and keep searching, and keep searching for consistency so that we can finally get on a run. I think we won three in a row one time this year, that’s it. We just have never been able to put it together, but I think we still can. I think there’s still time," Kerr added.

There's still plenty of time in the season and with Stephen Curry playing at such a superlative level, we shouldn't just rule the Warriors out right away. Nonetheless, it's clear that their role players must step up right now.